Other Services


Our graphic design department can create whatever materials you need to market your book. From a simple ad in a local news paper to a poster to send to national bookstore chains, we can work with you to get your book noticed.

Do you need business cards or letterheads? We can design those. Would you like to have a logo for your new publishing company? Let us create one for you. We will work to ensure a consistent style across all your printed material so that your brand is easily recognized.

Our work isn’t limited to publishing, however. We often work with local community groups to help them get their message out. Our clients include community service organizations, orchestras, and local theater groups.


Would you like to set up a site to advertise your book on the web? Or perhaps you would like a forum where people can come discuss your work. The Internet allows authors much more direct contact with their readers than ever before. Develop a following by being available to answer readers’ questions.

If you want, we can set your site up in such a way that you can administer the site yourself. With just a small learning curve, you can update the site and add new pages whenever you wish. But, if you would rather not have to bother with that, we can continue to work with you to keep the site updated. We don’t charge an on-going fee for web site maintenance. You only pay for the time we spend making changes. This gives you control over your costs, because you can update as frequently—or infrequently—as you want!


Would you like to make your book available on Kindle, Nook, and a host of other eReaders? We can take your finished book and repurpose it for virtually any digital reading device. Your customers can have your book on their tablet within seconds of purchasing it. And because eBooks are less expensive to produce than physical publications, your profits on digital books are even larger.

We can also convert your book to XML, a cross-platform format that is accessible to a number of technologies. It is a great format in which to archive your book, because it will remain readable regardless of changes in publishing technology.