Publisher Services

Book Design

We can design the interior of your book to match your specifications. Whether you want a simple text layout, academic style with footnotes, or popular formats with a multitude of images, we will design a book that is both attractive and readable.

Do you need cover design? We can handle that too. Whether you want original artwork or stock images, our designs will match the tone you are trying to set. Remember: despite the old saying, customers actually do judge a book by its cover.


Typesetting is all about attention to detail. If you care about optical sizes, OpenType features, old style figures, and the proper way to typeset a fraction, we are the ones you want to have setting your text. And if you don’t care about those thing, then we are the ones you need to have setting your text. Let us worry about the details.

We specialize in typesetting ancient languages, including Hebrew and Greek. Because we can read those languages, we don’t make the mistakes that tend to happen when Hebrew and Greek are set by someone who is unfamiliar with those languages. Unlike typesetters who are just trying to match the letter shapes on the page with what they see on the screen, we know our way around medial and final forms, rough breathing marks, and accents.


Whether you need an editor to critique the content or a copy editor to make sure the style of your book matches a particular manual, we will give your text all the attention it deserves. From the Chicago Manual to the MLA, we do it with style!