Author Services


If you need some help whipping your masterpiece into shape, let us be your editor. We can provide feedback and notes on your manuscript to help you put the finishing touches on it.

If you are already happy with your finished work, we can provide proofreading and copy editing to ensure that grammatical mistakes and inconsistent formatting don’t distract your readers. Like you, we want them focusing on the message, not the medium.


Your manuscript is a work of literary art. Let us design a book that reflects that. From the cover to the choice of typeface, we will work to make sure that the visual presentation of your book enhances its message.


If you are looking to self-publish, we can take your work from being a manuscript on a hard drive to being a physical book on the shelves of your local store. We work with Lightning Source, a print-on-demand book service that does the actual printing of your work. Because they print only the copies that a store or supplier has ordered, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of whether your book is in stock. When someone orders your book, it is printed and shipped directly from Lightning Source. You don’t have to handle the billing or shipping. They even make sure your book is listed in the major book databases. And because Lightning Source is owned by Amazon, your book will automatically be available for purchase on

You retain all rights to your work. If you want to sell your book on your own, you can simply order in bulk from Lightning Source. They charge you the cost of printing, and you can sell the books however you wish. Take some to your local independent bookstore! Sell them on your website! What you do with your book is completely under your control.